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Cat 5 Cable

Category 5 cable (Cat 5) is a twisted pair cable for computer networks. ... The cable standard provides performance of up to 100 MHz and is suitable for most varieties of Ethernet over twisted pair up to 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet). Cat 5 is also used to carry other signals such as telephony and video.

Opitical Fiber Cable

Composite or Hybrid Fiber Optic Cables that have a number of different components laid up within the bundle. These types of cables allow for multiple transmission paths by various components, whether they be metal conductors or fibre optics, and allow the user to have a single cable, therefore reducing the overall cost and lead time for installation. 2-24 Core Composite/Hybrid Fiber Optic Cable With Steel Tape Brand Place of Origin: GL Technology Hunan,China (Mainland)

24 Hour Backup Generator

Typically I'm rating a generator in accordance with ISO 8528 which allows a generator to run 24 hours a day at an average load of 70%. Depending on your application you will need to select Emergency Standby or Prime. Google 'ISO 8528 Generator ratings' and you'll find a wealth of information


There's a good chance the WiFi running throughout your home is outdated. Your router is actually the culprit. While it use to be able to deliver fast internet to your laptop and smartphone, it wasn’t built to handle the demand of all the smart devices, consoles, tablets, 4K TV’s, thermostats, and more vying for bandwidth today. You deserve to get what you're paying for and should have a WiFi network that's built to handle the devices of today and tomorrow.


Customer service representatives help customers with complaints and questions, give customers information about products and services, take orders, and process returns. By helping customers understand the product and answering questions about their reservations, they are sometimes seen as having a role in sales.